Choose your own adventure!

It’s your vacation, why spend it seeing sights that interest someone else- and on their timeframe? Spend a day on the water with us (and only us), exploring the natural beauty of the out-islands on one of our sport-class Axopar vessels. A fully enclosed climate controlled interior glass cabin let's you enjoy the sun, wind and water when you want to and rest comfortably inside when you don't- perfect for little ones (or big ones!) who’ve had too much fun in the sun and need a cool and dry place to retreat! Our captains and guides are among the most knowledgable, experienced and fun in all of Abaco!

To get started please complete the form below. A member of our Adventure Team will be in touch shortly to answer any of your questions and begin creating your dream vacation itinerary. All of our tours can be fully customised according to your specific points of interest, availability and budget.

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Grandma doesn't like the sun? Little Suzy gets seasick? Years of experience with adventure tours around the Abaco Cays has taught us that it's always beneficial to have a brief chat in order to manage your expectations and ensure your entire party has a comfortable yet exhilarting trip of a lifetime!
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Desired Date of Adventure Tour
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We welcome children of all ages on our adventure tours and can tailor your day specifically to meet the educational interest and comfort of little ones.
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It is our goal for our charter guests to have a spectacular day on the water and experience all that our beautiful Bahamas has to offer; however, we must remind you of the risk of interacting with animals in the wild, who can sometimes engage in defensive behaviors IF they feel threatened. The safety of our passengers, crew, vessels, marine and wildlife habitats is paramount to Albury’s Ferry Service, and due to some irresponsible and disrespectful behavior exhibited by guests in the past we have implemented a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY toward anyone who creates a dangerous or threatening situation- either on or off the vessel during a charter. BY CHECKING THIS BOX YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT AS THE PRIMARY CHARTER GUEST, YOU ACCEPT FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OF YOUR GUESTS AND ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THE VESSEL, THE CREW OR ANY OF THE ANIMALS, REEFS, BEACHES OR OTHER WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES WHILE ON CHARTER AS A RESULT OF NOT COMPLYING WITH CAPTAINS ORDERS. ANY BEHAVIOR- AS DETERMINED BY THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE CAPTAIN, THAT PUTS ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED AT RISK WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE RETURN TO PORT AND COMPLETE FORFEIT OF PAYMENT. ADDITIONAL FINES MAY BE IMPOSED AS LOCAL LAWS AND GOVERNANCES DICTATE.